Özyer History

Ömer ÖZYER was born in Fethiye in 1935. His father’s name was Hasan Hüseyin. As a child Ömer ÖZYER travelled the villages surrounding Fethiye with his father who worked as a travelling salesman providing farmers with textiles and clothes in exchange for their harvested produce. Taking this produce back to town and selling it provided the funds to buy more textiles and make a modest living. During these journeys with his father, Ömer ÖZYER grew to understand the villagers and their culture which gained him invaluable experience. The most important outcome of the work his father did was to gain the trust of the villagers by trading with them in an honest and fair way. The villagers were often tricked by other vendors; given low-quality products in return for their harvested produce or not being given the products at all.

Türk düğünlerinde altının önemli bir yeri olmasından dolayı, müşteriler bir süre sonra, bu güvendikleri tüccarları, altın satışı için de teşvik etmeye başladılar. Bir süre sonra iş büyümüş, gelenler mağazaya girebilmek için kuyruklar oluşturur olmuştu. 

Due to the important role of the giving and receiving of gold at Turkish weddings, customers encouraged Ömer ÖZYER to also trade gold in their trusted shop. After a short time the business grew to the extent that queues would form at the shops entrance. The confidence in the ÖZYER name grew to such an extent that customers would entrust Ömer ÖZYER with their gold to save for collection at a later date, perhaps for their family wedding.

After marrying, Ömer ÖZYER had 3 children Hasan ÖZYER (1960), Süleyman ÖZYER (1963), and Faruk ÖZYER (1966) who all gained a great deal of experience working in their father’s shop from a young age. After studying electrical engineering in Ankara, Hasan ÖZYER returned to Fethiye and saw the start of the tourism industry in the area. Hotels were being built and the region where his father and grandfather lived was flourishing. Hasan ÖZYER chose to invest in the construction industry and used the land that the family had bought over the years to develop his investment. Süleyman ÖZYER completed his studies in Fethiye and so was always with his father helping him with the family business. After a period of time, as a result of the company’s growth and success, the decision was made to leave the local clothing and jewellery industry. With the increased number of the tourists visiting the area, Fethiye’s customers had very different tastes to the tastes of the local people. Faruk ÖZYER followed a different path to his brothers and studied economics at Anadolu University. From the first days of working in the shop as a child he took an interest in the accounts of the business. He currently manages ÖZYER GROUP’S vast financial department.

In 2003 the ÖZYER Group began the design and construction of luxury real estate in Fethiye, Kalkan, Bodrum and Kusadasi specifically aimed at sales to foreign customers.

In 2005, the ÖZYER Group expanded again with the opening of three 5 star holiday villages, Lara Beach Hotel (now ‘Liberty Hotels’ Lara) in the Antalya region, and ‘Suntopia Tropical’ and ‘Suntopia Palace’ in Sarıgerme, Ortaca.

The ÖZYER Group are currently involved in investments in the vital renewable energy sector.

The founder of the ÖZYER Group Ömer ÖZYER’s adopted slogan ‘your satisfaction is our prestige’ continues to be of importance to the company to this day.

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